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****** NEW DNS SERVERS *********
Our IP supplier has changed the subnet that we get our IP addresses from and has issued us a new block. The new IP's are entered below.

When we set up your account on our servers we create an entry with your domain name and point that name to your particular folder and IP address. All that is needed on your part is to modify your domain records to point to our domain name servers. There will be a place to make entries for both a primary and a secondary domain name server.

The DNS addresses are:

  • Primary DNS - ns.hosting-dns.com
    IP address:
  • Secondary DNS - ns2.hosting-dns.com
    IP address:

Some registrars require that you enter just the server names while others will ask for both the names and IP addresses.


If your domain name is registered with Network Solutions, and you are trying to transfer to us from another hosting company you need to do these steps:

1. Go to the network solutions web site http://www.networksolutions.com/en_US/makechanges/

2. Enter your domain name

3. You will see a place to choose what you want to do - choose: Transfer My Domain to Another ISP

4. Remove any DNS (looks like ns1.something.com) and IP (looks like and add the information that we provided you with.


Most other registrars will give you a control panel to log into or a contact email. If you have an email contact send them the above name server information. Be sure to ask them to reply to you confirming that the changes were made. If you have a control panel to log into - Use the username and password that they give you and log in and remove any DNS (looks like ns1.something.com) and IP (looks like and add the information that we provided you with.

January 19,2018
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