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Web Site Traffic Tips

Ping your RSS feed – everyone knows the importance of having an RSS feed for your site and then ‘pinging’ that feed to notify other sites about your articles.

Here’s a great tip to simplify your efforts – you can combine multiple sites and feeds into a single feed so that you only need to submit and ping your combined feed – saving you vast amounts of time.

1. Go to icerocket.com and sign up
2. Click on Rss Builder
3. Click on Add Channel and give that channel a name related to your niche website you have been building links to.
4. Then click on add item. This will take you to a page, where you input the URL of a forum profile(or any url) where you left your links.
5. Do this for 20 entries i.e 20 more Forum profiles.
6. Then click on Publish.
7. Then copy the URL in the first box.
8. Then take that URL and ping it at pingomatic.com and pingoat.net

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