Just wanted to start by saying thank you! Going back through the books last month to get corporate taxes ready I realized how fast time flies – many of you have been clients for more than 10 years (1999 and possibly earlier – that’s as far as my QuickBook records go back). We started with a small reseller account and today have a rack of servers serving 500+ sites – mostly from you telling your friends about us since we don’t really advertise.

Speaking of new clients… last month we added 9 more and one of the referrers said “you know I should get something in return for sending these people to you”. So, here’s the deal – if you’re an existing client – anyone you refer to us I’ll credit your account for half of their first year’s hosting fees. Easy money in a tough economy, how cool is that…
Social Media is all the hype these days and yes, it has great marketing value – but – it’s not a magic pill to make millions overnight. Two months ago, one of my Barbershop quartet friends introduced me to an acquaintance of his, a New York Times best selling author looking for someone to build a ‘million fan facebook following’ to sell products to. It’s a great idea in theory but in practice people really don’t come to facebook to buy something.

So, what should you use social media? First, provide valuable content / info / answer questions in your field of expertise. People will buy from a trusted friend, advisor or coach – not a huckster trying to push their product. Second, use social media sites for backlinks to your site – Google loves links from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Digg, etc. I used to wait several weeks for Google to index my sites – now I can get it done within minutes with a few simple social media links.

I was going to write a ‘how to use social media’ guide but alas the internet marketing super-mom, Michelle MacPhearson has already done it and better than I could.

And it’s free – Social Media Myth Report download

Speaking of social media – video is KING… Create your own incredible videos…