When does selling your product or service become easy?

When they come begging to buy from you because it is something they desperately need…

We’ve all heard the phrase – “He could sell ice to Eskimos” – and there are some people who can do that, but why would you want to be that guy?  It’s also not a viable long term business model because eventually you will run out of suckers to swindle.

I would much rather be the business that provides a product or service that fulfills the needs of my clientele.

This is why businesses that narrow their focus to fulfill a certain niche client are so successful.

There are specific details that are important to different individuals or businesses.  If you can find a market niche and find out exactly what those details are, make them part of the package that you offer, you suddenly become the ‘go-to’ place for everyone in that market niche.

  1. Figure our your “perfect client” – Some call this creating an avatar.  In other words, what would your perfect client look like, talk like, dress like, etc.  What car would they drive, what neighborhood do they live in and what friends do they have.  Try to drill down and narrow this as tightly as possible.
  2. What are the things that matter to this person?  If you don’t know this information then you are not ready to provide a product or service to them.  Maybe your first market research step is to create a survey and find 100 of these individuals and begin to ask questions.
  3. Tailor your product or service to satisfy each of those ‘felt needs’.  Instead of presenting your product in generic terms, focus instead on all those little extras that you provide that are exactly matching the things that are important to your perfect client.

Much like setting up a stand to sell water to folks who are walking through the desert, when you figure out what matters most to your client, and you can exactly match your product or service to satisfy those desires…   You won’t need to do any ‘selling’.

They’ll come flocking to your door and begging to buy from you.