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HDR & Panorama Photos

I’ve been playing with some HDR photos in Lightroom and thought I would post some of the results here.

This was actually shot mid-day, bracketed exposure and then used LR to highlight the building and reduce the exposure on the surroundings
Here’s an elevated shot with somewhat the same treatment
This is a panoramic shot that I did in multiple exposures and then stacked together for higher dynamic range.

St Paul’s UM in Chambersburg, PA

This is another panoramic shot in bracketed exposure and combined for a HDR image. The results are an almost ‘painting’ look. I’d be interested in comments as to whether you like or is it too artificial?

Long’s Automotive

Chambersburg, PA based popular auto repair shop. They always have things looking very nice, landscaped well, so I thought I’d try a panoramic shot and then combine bracketed exposures in HDR

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