One of the questions I’m asked most often is “How do I show up in Google”?  With a couple little tricks, showing up is fairly easy but ranking high for competitive search terms is a bit more difficult.  When I’m setting up a new site for a client I have a couple of places I submit the site URL and RSS feed and can get a new site indexed within hours.  It’s been one of my trade secrets – but someone figured out how to automate it and it’s free!

Click , download and run the setup file.  The first time you run it will ask for your name & email to get an authorization key.  In 4-6 hours your new site will be indexed in Google.

Do you know someone looking for easy part-time income?  This is one of the simplest ‘business in a box’ ideas I’ve seen.  I purchased it yesterday as a curiosity.  It won’t make you rich but for only a couple minutes a day it’s a pretty easy 200 or so a week. for the details.

If you know someone out of work or have a teenager at home needing extra cash send them this link.  Yes, it’s $7 but if they can’t skip a meal at McDonalds to spring for this they’ve got other problems.

If they purchase and can’t figure one of the steps out have them send me an email, I’ll be glad to help them get off the ground and running.