Unless of course, you’re on the internet…  With approximately 200 million web sites vying for the same visitors most sites get little to no quality traffic. With the current economy every client I talk to is looking for ways to increase efficiency / cash flow or just get enough money to pay the mortgage or lease.

With several clients calling to say they’re closing the doors and several others on the brink of doing so (which of course, hurts our business) I thought I would try to send out a couple emails with what I see several successful clients doing. I have no agenda except to help those who have paid my bills over the last few years to stay in business and possibly grow in a recessing economy. Feel free to delete if you’re not interested.

1. Focus on what you do best – 80% of your time is spent chasing a 20% return / reward. Figure out what you spend 20% of your time doing in your business / church or non-profit that is returning 80% and do more of it. What can you outsource (or stop doing completely) that is not the most productive?

2. Communicate with your clients – Keep your organization’s name in front of their minds by regular communication. Direct mail / phone / press releases / email – whatever it takes to remind them of you and the services you provide (some they probably don’t even know about). You are collecting email addresses from everyone you do business with aren’t you?

3. Build email lists – both clients and potential clients. Don’t send spammy emails – everyone gets too many of those, provide valuable content and they will read it. Use one of the mailing services so you comply with SPAM-CAN laws. A far greater percentage of your email will be delivered and read. Don’t just send email from your own computer – AOL, Comcast and yahoo will block you when they see a large volume of mail coming from the same IP address and your ISP will soon be calling. There are two affordable services we use for our clients – Aweber (https://dean-martin.com/aweber.php) and iContact (https://dean-martin.com/icontact.php). They are well worth the couple dollars per month fee.

4. Become THE EXPERT in your field – Whether online or offline, look for opportunities to put together quality content in your field of expertise. You know more about your field of expertise than 90% of the population and they are interested in learning about it. Put together a powerpoint presentation or video and speak at Rotary, Lions, etc. or plan your own seminars. Start a blog – either on your current web site or start a separate one. The act of formulating your thoughts on a subject into a presentation or blog article will stimulate creativity and soon you’ll be thinking of new ways to use your knowledge.

5. Start creating video content – Video is King! Your clients cannot stop watching them and Google loves them… Want to rank higher in the search engines? – put more videos on your site. Create videos, post on youtube and any other video sites (I have a list of them) and then embed that video into your web page. You don’t even need a video camera… Here’s a video I put together for my daughter’s wedding
https://revver.com/video/1759790/justin-andrea-video-their-lives-to-this-point/ – 95% of it is just still photos using the coolest program on the internet – Animoto (https://dean-martin.com/animoto.php).

6. One main web site is not enough – Google is the king of search engines and if you’re not on page 1-3 you won’t be found. The web sites that own page 1 of Google for their search terms build little mini networks of sites (this can be done cheaply and easily) – all of them interlinked and pointing back to their main web site.

That should be enough to get you started.  If you have any questions on any of these items feel free to email or leave a comment.